Heart to Heart

Your beautiful heart is the center of all you are. 


Angela will meet you where you are on your path and help you decide where you want to go.  You will go deep, into your mind/body/spirit to see where you are blocked and remove those blockages so you can see and believe in this truth:  YOU ARE WHOLE.  There is nothing broken about you; your true essence has just been buried and it's time for your whole self to be revealed. 


With the One-on-One Heart Guidance, we will have bi-weekly calls.  The wisdom and understanding you'll gain about yourself will transform your life.  Our calls will help you understand your patterns and challenge you to uncover what is holding you back from living a radiant life.  It is time to step into your light, to remember your amazingness and to radiate the gifts that only YOU have.  The world has been waiting and now it is time.  

When you're ready to move forward on your journey, connect with me via text/phone (number below) or go to the Connect tab above.  This is my FAVORITE of my offerings because there is nothing like heart to heart connection :)

Let's connect! 571-215-1773
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