I am here for you.

With love in my heart, I guide women through these offerings:

Heart to Heart Guidance

Crystals and Crystal Gridding 

Chakra Yoga and Meditation

Intuitive Jewelry

Oil Blends


Oracle Cards

Pregnancy & Motherhood


Heart to Heart

One on one talks to connect with your heart and live your truth.


Chakra Yoga

Learn, clear and help the body's energy centers flow peacefully.

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Oil Blends

The power of herbs and the gift of scent to support you.


Oracle Cards

Receive a message from the Divine to guide you on your path.


Crystals & Grids

Use stones to set intentions and empower yourself.


Intuitive Jewelry

One of a kind bracelets and malas made especially for you.



Help the energy flow and release unneeded stress.


Pregnancy & Motherhood

Be empowered in the transition from woman to mother.

Be sure to click on the images above for more information on my offerings.  If you still have questions PLEASE reach out. I know many like to hide behind their screens but I am all about love and connection, so I would be delighted to chat with you.  I am here for you, however I can be, so don't hesitate.

  Now is the time to expand in love and sisterhood. 

Let's connect! 571-215-1773
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