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Pregnancy & Motherhood

Growing up my mother had repeatedly told me I was made of love.  When she birthed me she said, "I wanted to feel all the pain and joy you'd bring coming into the world", so she had an unmedicated birth.  Little did I know that would shape my journey in the most beautiful of ways.

When I got pregnant, I recalled my mom's experience.  A natural birth became my vision.  As I educated myself, I felt most comfortable with a home birth and that is where we welcomed our children.   I made the best choice for myself and my family. I respect every person's choice of how to birth, but I am passionate about EVERY pregnant person being educated and informed.  I've heard too many horror stories, stories of trauma, loss and regret not to beg that as women we empower ourselves to be proactive in creating the experience we want.

A surprise in my motherhood journey was the fourth trimester.  I had educated myself so well and confidently up to the birth that I assumed once the baby was here, I would be fine. I was wrong. I had postpartum depression for 6-8 months after my oldest was born. Part of my struggle was I hadn't learned about the transition we make from woman to mother.  In America, women feel they have to "bounce back" to their pre-baby bodies, be at the grocery store and cooking dinner 3 days after birth and mother perfectly.  News flash:  we are no longer the woman we were before.  We are now a mother and we need to be loving, patient and kind to ourselves as we learn a new way of living.

I co-created 20 videos for pregnant women and mothers, under my resources tab, called Mom Meets World.  My friend, Khyati and I interviewed 16 people to share as much wisdom and supportive practices.  


I teach classes to groups and couples, either to help guide them and provide resources for pregnancy considerations or postpartum prep classes, in which you learn about the fourth trimester and how to be as prepared as possible. 
I support mamas however they need whenever they need. I teach prenatal yoga, meditation and am a good listener.  Around the world, women are nurtured and taken care of through their pregnancies and well into their postpartums, but not in the US.  I want to change that.   

I also help mothers plan or lead Mother's Blessings, which are beautiful celebrations to nurture and love on the mother-to-be.  These are cathartic experiences not only for the expecting mother but for her tribe of women.  

When you're ready to move forward on your journey, connect with me via text/phone (number below) or go to the Connect tab above.

Mother's Blessings and Celebrations:

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