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Oil Blends

Essential Oils have been around for over 5000 years!  Herbs were used in many forms from almost the beginning of time to heal, calm, detoxify, replenish and support the human body.  They are effective since we still use them today in a variety of ways. Essential oils can be used topically and some internally.  Oils can be diffused, put into sprays/room fresheners and also used to make healthier/non-toxic cleaning products. 

I love creating blends to make your days more fragrant while providing benefits to your body.  Do you need some perspective, balance or cheer in your life?  Maybe you just need to feel tranquil.  I sell blends like the ones above or will gladly make a special blend just for Y-O-U based on what you're looking for.

I have new chakra oil blends coming soon. You can purchase an oil for one chakra or get all seven!  To buy oils or ask questions, 

connect with me via text/phone (number below) or go to the Connect tab above.

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