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Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a tool I used to allow the Divine to flow through me and share a message with you.  I believe the Divine is within each of us. We are all energy and we are all connected.  

I have several decks. I can select a deck for you based on intuition or you can choose a deck.  I can simply pull a card to share a message or you can pull a card in answer to a question you have.  There are several ways to pull cards. 

Oracle cards have been a great support to me as I search for guidance in my days or with a certain period in my life.  

If you are new to oracle cards, I am  happy to pull a card for you for FREE so you can see what it's like.  Then, my offerings are: 

A card pulled for you for $11. It includes a card with an image and also 2 small pages that explain the card more.
A card (image and explanation) plus more insights that I receive when reading it (highlights from what stood out for you to receive from the message for about 15 minutes for $22.
A card (image and explanation) plus a 20-30 minute chat to clarify/answer any follow up questions that come forth for $44.

When you're ready to move forward on your journey, connect with me via text/phone (number below) or go to the Connect tab above.


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