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Reiki Treatment


Reiki is a Japanese technique that allows for relaxation and stress reduction.  It is given by placing the hands on the body or hovering the hands over the body. Since everything is energy, reiki also works across time and space (meaning one doesn't have to be physically present to administer, as long as consent is given).  During Covid, this has been a preferred way of receiving reiki by many.  A benefit of doing it this way, is you can re-listen to the recording I send you of the session. 

Reiki supports our "life force energy" with several benefits such as: energizes and balances the body, strengthens the immune system, eases muscle tension, relief of stress and anxiety, and peace of mind and body. 

We need constant support because we are constantly on the go, physically and mentally.  Reiki nurtures the mind/body/spirit by clearing energy pathways in the body.

Angela offers reiki or crystal reiki (crystals are placed on the body) to help you relax, release unneeded energy blockages and restore the positive energies so you can go through your days more peacefully and joyously.  

When you're ready to move forward on your journey, connect with me via text/phone (number below) or go to the Connect tab above.

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