Intuitive Jewelry

Making intuitive jewelry is a creative outlet that nourishes my soul.  Once I discovered crystals, I wanted to have them with me all the time.  Now I can!  

Every morning when I get dressed I think of what I need for the day and I put on my "armor" on.  Somedays I put love, empathy, grounding and love on.  Other days, I wear calming, clearing of negative energy and positive power.  Most days I wear it all, plus more either with a necklace or a mala. 

As I see my wrists throughout the day or hear a little jingle, I am reminded of what I needed for my day. It's my way of self-nurturing on the go and of supporting myself even on days when I may not feel I have time.  It's providing beauty and helpful energy to myself.  

I make bracelets, necklaces and malas.  I love making one-of-a-kind jewelry and would be honored to create for you.  Whether for yourself or loved ones, this is a special gift.  To request jewelry or peruse what I already have made, please text/call me at my number below or reach out through my Connect tab above. 

"It's extremely hard to buy a present for someone special in your life to make it personal and thoughtful.  Working with Angela, I got to have the most amazing experience making intuitive jewelry for a special person in my life.  The stones are gorgeous and her creations are so creative and beautiful."                                              -Jodie F. 

Let's connect! 571-215-1773
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