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Feminine and Masculine Energy

When I was eight, my parents divorced and something inside me broke. For years, I thought it was the heartache of my family splitting up. For the past four months, I have worked with an incredible conduit, Kassia Frihet. She said it wasn’t the divorce that broke me, rather the split of feminine and masculine energy.

They are men and women on Earth. Since Earth was created out of love as a place for us to have free will and live out our purpose, men and women were created to bring balance and harmony to this planet. There is a need for alignment between the feminine and the masculine.

When I look at my husband, he is all masculine. That allows me to be all feminine. Yet I resist.

I resist, in part, because I can’t be all feminine all the time. My husband travels for work and I am home, so I have to assume masculine duties. I have associated masculine with being in control and I am drawn to that as well. Unfortunately, I also view feminine as the weaker energy because it’s what I’ve been taught my whole life. It has not been a conscious “men are better than women” but endless subtleties pile up and make a big impression.

I am working on becoming as feminine as possible. In the past, I’ve been deeply hurt by women. Yet, I still know my mission in this lifetime is to serve women in community and with radiant love. I used to be scared to voice my mission, but I strive for ALL LOVE, ALL THE TIME.

I looked up 'positive words for feminine energy’, found an amazing list of words and thought,

“YES YES YES!” (see link below). Words such as: ease, kindness, appreciation, understanding, respect, validation, reassurance, respectful, communication, sharing, helping, relating, harmony, open, talking, intimate, intuitive, growth, companionship, cherished, worthy, supported, nurtured, and of course LOVE.

There were also phrases to express the essence of feminine energy:

The feminine wants to have a quality of relationships. The feminine likes to share personal feelings. The feminine likes nurturing feelings. The feminine likes loving cooperation. The feminine is sharing needs. The feminine always provides information. The feminine likes to make a request.

I don’t know about you, but after reading these lists and phrases, I am eager to be more feminine. I feel invigorated as a woman when I read these. I am eager to experience these words and phrases. I invite you to consider what the feminine and masculine energies look like in your life. Is there harmony or an imbalance? The world needs both and we do too. Observe the potential imbalance and be mindful of how to work towards harmony. If you’re not sure how to do that, come join one of our women’s gatherings and we can talk about it. ;)

Website for positive words:

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