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So Unexpected

Life is too short. We hear it and we nod, but we often don't have extraordinary moments that make us ACT on life being too short. By extraordinary, I don't mean "wow, that's amazing". I mean, a dear friend was over yesterday when she found out her sister died. That is so out of the ordinary, it's paralyzing. There is nothing ordinary about the shock of a loved one passing too soon, too early, tragically.

Often times, those who have lost someone sit around and think about what they could've done something differently. They place blame on themselves and others for not being able to stop it. They replay their last conversations and interactions with that person. They cry, sob, sit and stare blankly because they cannot imagine the world turning without their loved one here.

But the world does keeps going. It doesn't make sense. How can the sun still rise and fall? How can the moon keep spinning around the Earth? How can people walk to Starbucks and get a coffee? How can people listen to music and dance joyfully? How can you be at family gatherings...who do you call, where do you go now that your family member/friend is gone? HOW DOES THE WORLD KEEP ON?

What does one do when life hurts? When a beam of light, a friend or family member is all of a sudden gone? One does what they can. They ask for help, they grieve, they talk to other friends/family members to process together. They try to keep existing even when they don't want to.

If you know someone who has lost a friend or family member recently, a year ago, 4 years ago, 10 or 20 years ago, reach out to them today. Ask, 'How are you doing TODAY?" Or, you could ask, "How is your heart?" Then listen as best as you can. You don't have to know the right thing to say; you simply need to show you care.

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