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Love or Fear

When I think about how life is created, I think MIRACLE.

It’s no coincidence that one specific egg and one specific sperm, meet, fertilize and become an embryo, and over the course of nine months, turn into a full being with arms, legs, fingers, toes and a cute little button nose.

I’ve been blessed with three children. After each of their births, I would stare at them for weeks. I would look at how a finger moved, how they moved their mouth or made a coo and my whole being would smile. It is nothing short of a miracle. I believe that each child chooses his or her mother. Babies select the vessel and choose the life they will live. Through Kundalini Yoga, I have learned that the soul fully inhabits the body it’s been given at 120 days after conception, which means, even in utero, each baby is their own person.

I had always planned on having two children. At a friends wedding in 2015, I started to want a third. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Fast forward 4 years, and I have a precious three year old boy who I KNOW asked to come through me. My youngest angel, has come earth side to show me how to be a more gentle, laid-back, silly and loving mom. He is my little sidekick. He wants in on everything I do and frankly, I can’t get enough of him.

If each and every child born is a miracle, than what does that say about life? It says “love love love!!!” Life can be lived in two ways--with love or with fear.

There is no middle ground. Your thoughts create the life you live. You can either be in awe of each day, give gratitude nonstop and love everyone as much as you can because we are all trying our best every single day. Or you can move through life in fear. Fear that you’re in the wrong job, that you have to lose weight. Fear that you’re not enough or that people don’t like you.

What many don’t stop to consider is you get to choose. You choose whether you abandon all social norms, sit quietly and tune into the voice in your heart and listen to it. The alternative is you ignore that quiet whisper, bury it deep, cover it up, and lose yourself along the way.

I invite you to reflect back on yourself in utero. You chose to be here--why did you come earth side? Think of yourself as a child; remember what you used to LOVE to do or play. How can you bring that back into your life? Can you imagine a world where everyone showed up in love because they knew they were LOVE? Oh, what a wonderful place this would be!

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