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Made Of Love

My mom used to always tell me "You were made of love." It felt so good to hear. I was made of love and now I am love. I used to hold back from saying that aloud for fear of judgement but it’s true. My heart is my center. I can’t help but feel all the feelings. I am uber sensitive, empathetic and compassionate. I love people and believe in everyone.

My dream is to help all women realize their own value and see their beauty. I don’t mean physical beauty, although I want women to feel that too. I want women to see their beauty on the inside. To see themselves as the love they are and to radiate it abundantly into the world. The world needs more love and, as women, we are nurturing and loving so we can provide that. When I speak of women, I’m not excluding men; I’m just embracing the feminine, the female, the goddess in each of us.

I am here, in this lifetime, to bring love and connection to women. It has taken me 40 years of living to finally step into that space comfortably but now I am here. As the years go on, I am getting better at silencing the outer noises and listening carefully to my inner voice, my intuition. Our intuitions are muscles. They are faint at first and we often ignore them so they stay weak. Yet, if we choose to listen to it a little more, the muscle strengthens and our intuition gets louder. The louder it gets, the more we listen to it and the more it guides us to where we are meant to be.

I love people, particularly women, because we are gentle souls that need and want to be comforted, loved, supported and together. Women are made for sisterhood, we yearn for community. We are perfectly imperfect. We are exactly where we are meant to be and yet it doesn’t mean we have to stop moving forward towards our wildest dreams.

Radiant Heart Center VA is my wildest dream. My hope is to create a new type of Red Tent. In Biblical times, women gathered in Red Tents and supported one another through all the joys and sorrows of life. Girls had their first periods in the Red Tent and were fed and bathed by their elders, welcoming them to womanhood. Women birthed babies and had miscarriages in these tents. Women oohed and ah'ed over the lives they’d created and poured their stories into their daughters so their legacies would carry on. Women suffered horrific illnesses and spent the first 7 days as a married woman in a tent being nurtured by her sisters while she got to know her husband. Women shared their wisdom and experiences with each other regularly. Women are meant to support and nurture each other with tenderness, kindness and care.

Imagine a world if women respected and understood one another instead of judged and shamed each other. Imagine a space where women validated her sisters and reassured her that she wasn’t alone. Imagine open and deep communication, sharing our most intimate thoughts, asking for support through life’s challenges and sharing our grandest joys. Imagine growing together, creating together, living and thriving together. Imagine feeling worthy of being loved and cherished

without feeling guilty or shameful. Doesn’t this sound glorious?

This is the space I am creating. I want women to let their hair down (or cut it short, in my case) and live their most dreamiest life. I want women to say what they want to say without holding back. I want women to dive deep into their hearts to remember what makes them feel fulfilled. I want women to step into their vulnerability to see how strong and courageous they really are. I want women to rise up to give the world what it needs: Love, love and so much more love.

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